Graphic photos have emerged from the ongoing Rohingya conflict in the Rakhine state of Myanmar, but not all of them are true. This one however is, as per our research, shedding light on exactly how brutal the conflict is.


This photo appeared on several news portals catering to the Arakan. Arakan News Agency for example, posted this photo on their Facebook page with an accompanying news article. The translated version of the article, which was written in Arabic, is being posted here. Another news portal called Arakan Times posted the story here.

Breaking News: Myanmar Army breaks into new villages in arakan and them defending themselves
News Agency Arakan Ana | special

Two hours before Thursday night, troops from the Myanmar Army broke into new villages in the central and Northern State of arakan, and the sources of the arakan news agency reported that a number of military mechanisms of the Myanmar Army had carried out large-scale arrests in the ranks of the I
After midnight on Thursday, groups of the army and border guard raided the villages of the and heard the sound of successive explosions and the sound of fire shots, which prompted the them to defend themselves in response to the ongoing aggression, and sources reported that clashes had taken place. Among the elements of the army and the Rohingya civilians were victims that the agency was unable to obtain accurate information about.
The sources have taken pictures of the victims of them who have fallen from their shooting and will provide you with more details as soon as they are obtained.
These events come one day after the final report of Kofi Annan’s final report was issued by the government of Myanmar, and the committee submitted a comprehensive report containing several recommendations, on top of which was the non-use of excessive force against



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