While social media citizens are claiming otherwise, this photo is NOT showing violence against the Rohingya minority.

Many on Facebook including this page called “SAVE VARMA Rohinga Muslim” posted this photo, along with the caption “Rohingya youth are being slaughtered and left to die in the jungles by Buddhist militants. If the blood of a Muslim runs through your body then like and share this page”.

The photo was traced back to a 2014 by an Argentinian website of a radio company called RadioLT12. The article is titled “Shocking images of aborigines defending their forest in Brasil”, along with the following text published on September 9:

It is a tribe of Caapores Indians, from the northern state of Maranhão, who defended their trees from indiscriminate and illegal logging. They stripped and beat the assailants, and then set fire to their log trucks.

According to the Folha de São Paulo newspaper, the photos belong to the photojournalist Lunaé Parracho, and they show the natives of that area of Brazil expelling people who illegally cut trees in the Alto Turiacu forest.

The reaction of the natives occurred after the lack of attention by the state government to end the illegal exploitation of wood.

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