A legal notice seeking the resignation of Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid was sent to the Prime Minister and the President. On the flip side, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina directed Nahid to crack down on question leaks instead of resigning.

Frustrated by the barrage of allegations regarding question leaks, Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid  expressed a desire to resign on February 6. In reply, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “There are a 100 incidents of success, a few cases will not ruin all the achievements. Conduct your duties within the education ministry and other departments with greater rigour. Ensure that the general public receive the correct knowledge about issues like question paper leaks that affect the government’s image.”

On February 14, Supreme Court lawyer Dr Yunus Ali Akhand sent a legal notice addressing the President and the Prime Minister, seeking Nahid’s resignation. The notice also said that if the resignation is not made effective in 24 hours, a High Court writ petition would follow. According to Ali, the section 58 of the constitution states that if any minister ignores his duties then the Prime Minister can choose to relieve him of his duties.

The former Secretary-General of Jatiya Party Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of question paper leaks at a parliamentary session, and sought Nahid’s resignation. He stated that the situation has escalated to an unmanageable level. “So I would request the Minister to resign. Or I would request the Prime Minister to relieve him and assign a new education minister,” he said on February 5.

So is the Education Minister resigning? No fact could be found to support this claim.

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