A Facebook page called Fareeji Andolon shared a video early in February showing fanatics attacking what is supposedly a Mazaar under construction. The same video is being shared online titled as Muslims attacking Hindus.

From our research, the video was initially uploaded by religious hardliners praising fanatics who they claimed to be tearing apart a shrine for an individual known as the “Jinda Pir (Live Pir)”. The video was shared on both Facebook and Youtube. These clashes were not however reported in any news portal or newspaper around that time, so we could not independently verify whether the video was indeed showing what it claimed to be.

Meanwhile this video is being circulated as an example of Muslims attacking Hindus. With headlines in Hindi such as “Muslim people attacked on a Hindu family” and “The atrocities of Muslims at the house of Hindus inside Rajasthan”, the video exists on the internet as fake news. Below is one example of this same video being shared as such:


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