Several online portals have been publishing articles alleging Bangladesh national team player Taskin Ahmed of domestic violence. The credibility of these reports is however, questionable.

On February 22, news articles with titles like ‘’Wife beaten by Taskin’’ and ’‘Taskin accused of beating up his wife”were published by various online portal.

A report published by a website going by the name of Radio Ghumti claimed that they got this tip from an anonymous source close to the couple. “According to a person close to them, it has come to light that Taskin, who used to occasionally physically abuse her, has been doing it more and more frequently,” claims this website. Another website called Monitor News also quoted a single anonymous tipster. The sourcing raises questions about the integrity of these claims.

Meanwhile Bangladesh national team pacer Taskin Ahmed has claimed that these allegations are false and baseless. He said this on Friday, February 23 during an interview with the private television DBC news Responding to these allegations against him, the national team’s pacer said that legal action should be taken against those online news portals. During this time, his wife Syeda Rabeya Nayema was present along with Taskin.

The slew of rumours are not stopping there. Some homemade videos have also been uploaded on Youtube with titles like “Taskin impregnated hislover before marriage”. The fact that viewers actually believe these claims can be seen from the comments.

people believing the video
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