A video depicting the printing of Rs 50 and Rs 200 notes, has recently been making the rounds on Indian social media  as Bangladesh making fake Indian currency.

This was uncovered by an Indian factchecking website called Boomlive.in. The video, which was recorded on a phone, shows a man printing bundles of Rs 50 and Rs 500 notes. In their report the website described how the notes were not actually rupees but instead were stamped with “Bharatiya Children’s Bank”. The report also claimed that the police inspected the notes and found them to be fake.

The report also stated that the color was all wrong, and that the notes were bigger in size than regular currency. The video was even shared in a tweet where Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was tagged.

Boomlive.in concluded that this video was not real. It was not possible to verify where the video was taken, but the man shown was speaking in Marathi.

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