Different sources are claiming that Bollywood celebrity Irrfan Khan is suffering from a brain tumor. Do we actually know what disease he has?


The bad news has come last Tuesday on March 6. Bollywood superstar Irrfan Khan posted on Twitter stating that he is suffering from a rare disease. But as for what this ‘rare disease’ is; the actor did not say anything clearly about it.

Social media has gone haywire since his post. Even different Indian media websites have started publishing claims about what they think the disease is. The most popular rumour is that he is suffering from Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Grade IV, also called ‘death on diagnoses’. Bollywood Mantra, an Indian celebrity portal circulates such a claim citing a single anonymous source. It says that, ”Doctors had to do needle biopsy to ascertain the nature of the tumour. Immediate surgery is the only option but Irrfan Khan is not ready to undergo surgery. He rather prefers radiations with few [sic] chemotherapy”.

Bangladeshi portals were also quick to pick up the ‘news’.

Trade Analyst and Irrfan Khan’s intimate Komal Nahta posted a tweet saying that all these speculations are fake. We can conclude that we do not yet know what disease Irrfan Khan has.

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