When the flag of Bangladesh was brought out at the 2nd T20 match of the Nidahas Trophy where Bangladesh was playing against India, something was off. The flag wasn’t really green.

Like all other matches, the Tigers of Bangladesh were singing the national anthem at the R. Premadasa Stadium in Colombo standing in front of an outstretched flag. Footage of the scene however raises questions about whether it was the right shade of green.

Bangladesh’s flag uses the pantone shade 342C. The flag being shown on television was more towards pantone 431C.

Jamuna TV picked it up in a news piece on Mar 9, 2018. They also claimed that BCB has not officially complained about this and Sri Lankan constituent do not show any regret for this mistake.

On Mar 9, The Daily Kaler Kontho published an article with the headline “Why is this the colour of Bangladesh’s flag?” The newspaper claimed that “The sun did not rise against a green background—it is blue instead.” It must be said however that it is not clear yet whether it was simply an optical illusion.

What colour is this dress?

In 2015 the entirety of the internet took up the challenge to guess the real colour of a dress.
The wikipedia page of “The dress” describes how this became a sensation when different people saw different colours. While one group claimed that the dress was blue and black, another saw white and gold, while yet another declared that the dress was actually blue and gold. The photo was originally taken in Scotland.

The magazine WIRED published a report explaining this particular optical illusion. The report explains that there is a biological explanation as to why different people saw different colours.

“Your brain figures out what color light is bouncing off the thing your eyes are looking at, and essentially subtracts that color from the “real” color of the object,” states the report. It goes on to add that our eyes evolved to see in daylight—and of course the light changes throughout the day. Our eyes thus have what is called a “chromatic bias” wired in because of the changing nature of daylight. The report concludes that people see different colors because the eyes are trying to discount this chromatic bias when determining the true colour of the dress.


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