Several online portals claimed that Iffat Jahan slashed Morsheda’s artery. Yesterday a news item titled “Chhatra League leader slashes the artery of a protesting student at a DU hall” was published by an online news portal going by the name of

Different slogans like “Don’t want to die, want to study”, “Why were our sisters attacked? The administration must reply!” were heard from the Kabi Sufia Kamal Hall after midnight on Tuesday. The protesters of the quota reform movement were agitating because three female students of their hall were being harassed and assaulted by the Bangladesh Chhatra League hall president Iffat Jahan. To protest this incident at midnight thousands of student took place inside and outside of the hall, to demand the expulsion of BCL President Iffat Jahan.

The students of the hall were locked inside a room and being harassed by Iffat Jahan, according to multiple student accounts. Morsheda Khanam who is also the vice-president of the BCL unit was somehow on-spot although how and in what capacity, is not presently clear

According to some student accounts Jahan slashed Morsheda’s leg in an attempt to sever her coronary artery.

According to other accounts she kicked the windowpane and her foot got slashed in the process. Why she kicked the windowpane – whether it was to try to get into the room, or whether it was out of frustration – is not clear.

The latter reason seems to be more accurate judging by a video circulating online where Morsheda points to the wound on her leg and says, “Why did I do this today? This is the culmination of weeks worth of anger and frustration. We are helpless. We will not be able to do anything if you don’t help us.”

Prior to saying that in the video, Morsheda is heard describing what Iffat Jahan does to the students to explain why she got injured. “We have been afraid for many days. The programme has been going on for three days, but we only attended it on the first day. She beat us up because we went to protest. She hit a girl from second year, and poured water on her. The girl fell to her feet begged her to stop.”

She goes on to say, “She beat up three or four girls using knotted ropes. Their backs have turned black.”

Immediately after the incident, President of the Central Committee of the Bangladesh Chhatra League Saifur Rahman and General Secretary S.M. Zakir Hossain signed a press release to announce that Iffat Jahan was expelled from the organization.

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