Bangla Tribune posted “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is viewing the quota reform movement as a conspiracy. The premier was meeting with the party nomination board of local government committees, when she questioned them about the identity of those protesting against the current quota system. According to Bangla Tribune, she said, “Who are they? What is their family background? No family believing in the spirit of the Liberation War could have taken part in this revolution.” The news organisation published this statement attributing it to an anonymous reliable source. If indeed what the source said is true, then the premier’s statement has to be considered unfounded, because many individuals whose fathers were freedom fighters, expressed solidarity with the movement on Facebook.

There were however some individuals belonging to families with freedom fighters, who stood against the movement. According to a press release circulated on March 15, an organisation named “We Are The Descendants of Freedom Fighters” formed a human chain in front of the Jatiya Press Club to oppose the movement. The number of people who turned up were however, far less than those participating the in the #ReformquotaBD movement.

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