After winning the Asia Cup T20 tournament, there have been many discussions regarding the women’s cricket team. The difference in the wage gap between the men’s and women’s team has become a high topic of discussion in the social media. It is being said that the men’s team gets 100 times more for their match fee than the women’s team.

On the afternoon of June 10th, the Bangladesh Women’s Cricket team was at their last moments of their match against India in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At the same time, the men’s team was watching the match from their dressing room in Dehradun, India. From the opening batsman Soumya Sarkar’s Facebook page, we can see the men’s team erupting in joy after seeing the Bangladesh victory in Kuala Lumpur.

The whole country started to celebrate as well. The victory by Salma Khatun and her team was praised in the Parliament as well and a cash reward was announced. At the same time, posts and photos regarding the women’s team wage and match fee got viral in Facebook. However, how true are these posts regarding discrimination in the women’s team pay scale?

Facebook post on gender pay gap in Bangladesh Cricket

From the country’s English daily, “The Daily Star”, we learn that the women earns only 610 taka for their local league matches, where the men can earn as much as 50,000 taka. Also, according to Ekushey TV, the women’s team earn around 8,000 taka as their match fee for international matches. Whereas, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB)’s website states the men’s international match free from 75,000 taka to 2,00,000 taka.

Another thing we get from analysing the payscale in the BCB’s website is that, there are wage categories for both the men and women’s team. Where the A+ category players in the men’s team can earn around 4 lakh taka, the women’s team in their A category earns 30,000 taka, which can be as low as 10,000 taka in their C category.

The BCB have admitted there is a discrimination in the pay scale. Shafiul Islam Choudhury, the President of the Women’s Wing blames others for the discrimination, rather than the board. Choudhury thinks the lack of sponsorship in women’s cricket is the reason behind the wage structure. In an interview to the Daily Star, he said, “Sponsors don’t show much interest to women’s cricket. They always want to provide where there is a possibility of profit in the long run”.

According to FactWatch’s research, the discrimination between the men and women’s team based on the wage discussions, Facebook posts and fact analysis is true.


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