Several popular news outlets in USA and UK have published a research report on August 22, where it says that a flesh-eating sexually transmitted virus called Donovanosis has returned.


Last August, a news went viral online that scientist are warning about a flesh-eating sexually transmitted virus called Donovanosis. For two weeks, it went viral online including social media.

Through fact-checking, the news turned out to be half-true. Snoops, a renowned fact-checking site gave it a mixed rating.

It’s true that the news have indeed gone viral and was covered by the Dailies Mirror and Express.

However, it’s false that scientist have issued a warning. A woman in England caught Donovanosis, which lead to authorities in the UK issuing a warning about the consequences of leaving Donovasis untreated for a year. But, media outlets failed to provide porper facts regarding the actual source of the warning. However, the British Association for Sexual Health & HID have issued a guideline regarding Donovasis.



After surveying several new outlets, it can be concluded that only few people contract Donovanosis. Only 1 individual contracted the disease in the past year and it can be treated with a simple diagnosis.

We are about sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, ME, syphilis, gonorrhea etc. Donovanosis is no different. Hence, it seems that news outlets in both US and UK wanted to glamour

the disease to attract attention. For example, US’s Fox News stated that 420,000 people in the UK contracted the disease in 2017, while another company ABC7News said that researchers in UK warn about the return of a flesh-eating STD virus.

All of the news links to a news on Lancashire Post, where a clear detail is given about the disease but no research about Donovanosis is mentioned. Instead, it’s mentioned that the disease is rare. Also, the Post doesn’t mention a flesh-eating disease but rather states that it destroys disease in the infected area.



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