Recently, a video where we see children coming down from a yellow school bus while cars from all sides of the bus come down to a halt. The video is claimed to be from Canada. However, similar bus system also exists in the United States.The FactWatch team investigates the video.

On 22nd July 2018, Pavittar Singh Romana uploaded a video in Facebook where we see a yellow school bus coming to a stop beside a footpath. As students come down from the bus, all vehicles around the bus comes to a halt. Meanwhile, Romana narrates how the school bus provides safety to the school children.

The video has mostly gone viral after the road accident in Dhaka’s Airport road where two school children died.  

However, the video is not from Canada. From the video, we can tell the school’s name is “Montgomery County Schools” as written on the bus and area location “Bristol Square” as written on the sign board upon the pathway. They are both in the United States.

Though, the video is from the US, 8,24,000 school children uses 16,000 school buses in Canada, which are one of Canada’s safest means for transportation, according to Canada’s Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

The law in Canada states that  when a school bus stops, no vehicles can be within 20 meters around it. A 400-2000 Canadian Dollar fine is given for first offenders, 1000-4000 Canadian Dollars for further offenders and there are 6 demerit points and 6 months jail term as well.

A graphics video by CBS News on laws for Canadian school buses:

However, there are offenders in Canada as well. Some ignores the fear of fees and jail term by not stopping when bus is picking or dropping school children. It’s seen as a strong offence in Canada.

A CTV News on offenders:

Beside the “Stop” signs in the school buses in Canada’s Prince Edward Island, there are two cameras attached as well. The cameras record any number plate that may overtake the bus when it’s picking or dropping school children.

Based on the facts, we can conclude that the video is from USA.



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