People often say, 'Blind as bats', but are the bats blind? It is commonly thought that bats can see only at night or can’t see at all.

According to Bat Conservation International, there are 1300 different types of bats. Some types of bats feed on flowers, while some other depends on insects. Meanwhile, in Latin America, there are bats that depends on blood.

Bats go out to hunt mostly at night. They depend on echolocation, the process of identifying objects through sound waves. However, the use of echolocation depends with the types of bats. Several fruit-eating bats almost never uses echolocation. Instead, they use their eyesight.  

According to a journal published in 2009, Bat’s vision is highly dependent to its food habits and the environment. For example, the Glossophaga soricina in South America and Carollia persipicillata in Central America have the ability to see and detect certain colours during daytime. They can also see light waves that goes undetected to the human eye. Both of these bats depend on fruits and are able to detect fruits that contain ultra-violet rays in them.

A study in 2015 showed that bats use both their vision and echolocation. Sometimes, it becomes impossible to calculate the proper distance of an object and therefore, they use echolocation.

Insect eating bats also rely on their eye-sight and uses both their eyes and sensor while hunting. Therefore, it’s safe to say that bats are not blind.

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