From the last couple of days, we’ve been seeing the digital billboards of Dhaka showing a message with the image of Dhaka South City Corporation mayor. The message says, “World record in cleaning. Included in Guinness World Records. Humble congratulations.”

Renown media outlets of Bangladesh such as The Daily Star, Prothom-Alo and Dhaka Tribune already published news regarding this achievement of Dhaka South City Corporation. But none of them mentioned anything such as “World record on cleaning” in their reports. They’ve mentioned that the south city corporation created a record in organizing the largest cleaning campaign.

While the report of The Daily Star says that more than 15 thousands of people participated in this campaign, the official website of Guinness World Record says the number is 7 thousand and 21. Some other media outlet also used the same information as The Daily Star. Prothom-Alo used the information mentioned in Guinness’s website. While Jugantor  claimed that 15 thousand people registered and more than 30 thousands people participated in the campaign.

It’s mentioned in the website of Guinness World Record that Gazi Tanks, Melonades, Content Matters Ltd., Masthead Pr, Xpert Providers, Dhaka Metropolitan Police, Gazi Tv, Dettol, and Dhaka South City Corporation combinely created this new record. It’s also mentioned in their website that the record is on most people sweeping the floor on a single venue.

Dhaka South City Corporation undoubtedly created a national awareness successfully by organizing this event. But the congratulating message shown in the digital displays provided a slightly different message. It’s saying that Bangladesh obtained a new world record on “cleaning”, while it actually broke a record on most people participating in an event of cleaning avenue; a record which was previously obtained by India.

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