There have been many news and videos which have been shared online claiming that the Covid-19 is likely to die out in the heat of our summer but the claims have thus far been proven wrong and have misguided a lot of us in thinking we will be safe once the summer heat wave reigns on us

Many news channels, portals, viral videos of social media platforms have claimed that the outbreak will be within control at places where the temperatures are much higher. Also in some cases indicating that the increasing heat of the summer might quickly kill off the disease and end the pandemic.

A news article published in Al-Jazeera quoted DR John Nicholls, a pathology professor at the University of Hong Kong, saying “sunlight, will cut the virus’s ability to grow in half, so the half-life will be 2.5 minutes, and in the dark it’s about 13 to 20 minutes. Sunlight is really good at killing viruses.”

During the course of this pandemic many theories have emerged regarding the Death Temperature of the Corona Virus, claiming sometimes even a modest temperature as low as 25°C can be enough to slow down and the increasing heat of the summer will ultimately end this pandemic.

The hard truth however is, since the virus is completely new and tests are still being carried out around the world it cannot be confirmed that the virus dies out in the high heat of the summer.

Some researchers have already found out that it might take for the temperature to reach a staggering 56°C or higher for the virus to lose its affectivity.

According to a publication of World Health Organization (WHO), “at 56°C kills the SARS corona virus at around 10000 units per 15 min (quick reduction).”

The virus is also present and stable in feces (and urine) at room temperature for at least 1-2 days and can be stable for 3-4 days if the patient also has diarrhea, according to WHO.

A closer look at the pandemic crisis in USA indicates that the temperature is not becoming the defining factor in reported cases or the spread of it.

Based on the data collected from weather broadcasting stations and live corona virus case counts, the following table shows a list of four different locations in United States of America and their relative numbers, comparing the temperature with the scale of outbreak.


As seen in the chart, despite Orleans having a much higher average temperature and where weather report shows the temperature to have been hovering around 30°C at its peak, the virus is spreading more vigorously compared to New York City and Cook County where the temperatures have been much lower. Orleans has a rate of 582.6 people infected out of every 100,000 people, which is higher than that in  New York City with the per capita rate being 561.8/100,000 and also much higher than that of Cook County which has a rate of 98.6 where the average temperature has been only 6°C in the past weeks.

Statistics and so far researches have not found any conclusive evidence regarding the higher heat of the summer being a solution to put an end to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus the theory can be considered false. People should not feel safe if the summer brings about a hike in temperature, instead all of us still should keep maintaining all safety measures to fight against the Covid-19.


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