According to a video posted on facebook, shared with accompanying photographic evidence, women in buses are indeed getting their clothes cut by unknown assailants from the back


While the original post could not be found because of privacy settings, the main content of the post is being widely shared. Translated into English, the original post being shared is as follows:

Bus – Bihongo Green. What I’ve been observing all over facebook happened with me today. A few days ago, around the same time (8:30pm at night) I was traveling from Mirpur to Dhanmondi when this man sat beside me. After a while I noticed that he was pulling my dress from the side. After he tugged three or four times I sternly told him that he is the same age as my grandfather. He quickly got off the bus when I started yelling. When I got on a bus today I saw him and recognized him immediately. I sat in the seat in front of him. The bus started.

Suddenly it felt like someone was tugging my dress from behind. I stood up I realized my dress was completely torn from behind. When I looked back he tried to run away. I caught hold of his collar. At first people did not help me keep a hold on him because he was an older man but when I showed them the evidence of what happened, they came forward. We brought him from Mirpur to Kalabagan. I rang my husband and he got on the bus at Asad Gate. We handed him over to the police. I don’t have words to describe my reaction.

The reason we are saying that the internet rumour is true is because a man was caught during the incident and the happenings were recorded on video. A piece of cloth matching the torn place on the victim’s dress was found in his wallet, a picture of which was also uploaded. This video originally posted on Facebook was also circulated on YouTube.

This issue first started making the rounds on social media accompanied with pictures of dresses cut from the behind. Different stories going around on Facebook reported more one incident by a student of East West University, and another by a journalist in a sari. The original authors could not be found presumably because of reasons of privacy.

The woman wearing the sari supposedly said, “Someone was touching my waist from behind. I put my hand in between several times. I thought the gentleman sitting behind me must have his feet up on the seat, and I thought my back was getting scraped by his toenails. But no, when I came home, I saw that my sari was cut in 10/12 places.”


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